Hydra (snowwhites7sins) wrote,

The Important stuff.

Welcome to my little world of trades ans sales!

FEEDBACK HERE: http://snowwhites7sins.livejournal.com/2061.html

Rules for all items:

* i accept PAYPAL and cash(at your own risk).

* international buyers and traders are ok.

* shipping is not included in listed price. if you are trading with me, i will pay shipping for the items i am sending to you, please do the same.

* i happily hold items for you. please tell me how long you plan on needing the hold. if i don't hear from you after set amount of days, i will take items off hold.

* sorry, but i am not responsible for lost items in the mail. i do not do returns.

* Tracking, insurance, ect are all extra, please tell me if you would like these things.

Want List:

Updated on 8-22-07

* power ranger (mighty morphin) items.

* godzilla items

* san-x things.

* Huston astro baseball items, Trubonegro band merch, battle beasts-- for my boyfriend.

* kawaii hairclips, bows, jewelry

* j-rock/jpop items. my favorite bands are: x-japan, hide, S.K.I.N., Miyavi, 12012, dir en grey, balzac, phantasmagoria, WaT, Kozi. j-rock band shirts.

* decora/fruits/engrish/jrock/gothic loli clothing. size s to m.

* stickers!

* hello kitty jewelry and other items.

* Vivian Westwood imitation jewelry

* i love kawaii DIY items, show me what ya got.

* Fushigi yuugi box set or anything related to fushigi yuugi.

* anything relating to hide, the hide museum, plushies....

* anything x-men (comic book, no movie) related. i love rogue and gambit.

* leggings.

* kawaii purses/bags.

* SNOW WHITE THE DVD, anything snow white related.

* Octopus anything!!!

*lolita and japanese fashion items.
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